An art-book about the story of the European  Türkish Kebab Culture seen by images.


The Story of the book

Kebab Project is a limited edition art-book and search project by the young Turkish immigrant Çağan Okuyan (a.k.a. Tchane Ok) The first of its kind –   The book is sociological investigation, part autobiography and part self-therapy. It documents the aesthetics of the kebab shop firstly in Paris and Berlin and goes far in Turkey.


Immigration stories behind the döner kebab and exchange between the cultures through photos and interviews. Anecdotes of kebab shop workers steeped in sadness, melancholy and homesickness.


Kebab Project is taking you on the journey from the Southerneast of Turkey to the heart of Europe with images and words of real stories - real faces; the challenges that all parties have lived through immigration and separations.  

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